The Standings tab is updated in real time just like every other part of the app. This means that when teams submit scores, the standings will be updated immediately without a page refresh.

Sorting the Standings

The standings are by default sorted by team Winning Percentage. This is the recommended 4BAGR sorting, however we do offer other ways to sort standings if you wish:

  • Win %: Most common - Sorts standings by Win % and Points For is the tiebreaker
  • Win/Loss: Will sort the standings by wins, losses, then points for. Be careful, as the team with the most wins is not always the team with the best Win %.
  • Points For: Sorts by total points scored from all games

Update the sorting of the standings at any time from the 'League Settings' Screen.

Edit Teams

The standings screen is also where you can edit team names and set handicaps. Click on a team within the standings to update either.