Getting Started

As an Organizer, you'll want to decide which league plan is right for you. Check out our Pricing options figure out what meets your needs. We keep it simple and straight forward!

For detailed app walkthroughs and How-To documentation, you're in the right place. Check out our YouTube channel where you'll find a curated list of our video walkthroughs and explanations. These will also be listed throughout the How-To docs on this site.

Create a League

After you've selected the right plan, whether it be a single league or unlimited, you'll want to create your league which can be found inside the in-app menu. Make sure you check the setting to allow registration so players can create their own teams!

Set up Teams

Teams can be created by you or by allowing the players to register their own (recommended for fewer organizer headaches). Learn more on managing teams and players. Now would be a good time to make a Facebook post (or whichever way you manage your players) letting people know where/how to register.

Generate the Schedule

Now that all of your teams are registered and in place, you can generate your league schedule. The schedule can be generated when all of your teams are set. If you want to add teams later, you'll need to re-generate the schedule so that the round robin stays intact. You can generate the schedule at any time, we suggest generating this a week or so before hand so the players can plan on what time to show up and you can catch any small mistakes that you might have made in your league settings.

It's that Easy!

Now that your schedule has been generated, you're all set and ready for league to start! Your league players will now see the upcoming schedule matches in their upcoming dashboard and can get in some fun trash talk to their upcoming opponents.