About 4BAGR

4BAGR is a mobile app platform that allows Cornhole league runners to easily create, manage, and automate their leagues while also allowing league players to join and participate in leagues.

App Capabilities

4BAGR is loaded with league settings and functionality to help make your life a breeze.

  • Create a new League in minutes
  • Easily generate a round robin schedule
  • Implement a handicapping system to help keep leagues fair
  • Support for up to 100 teams
  • Set league duration to any amount of weeks
  • Easily manage teams, rosters, and scores

Out of the box you have access to:

  • Easy to use Scoreboard
  • Automatically updated league standings and handicaps
  • Score form for users to input their own scores
  • Nation-wide search page to find leagues by location
  • Plus many more!