4BAGR is unique, as we allow the players and/or organizers to update their own game/match scores. All standings and match cards are updated in real time as the submissions roll in. We have 2 ways to submit scores - Scoreboard Submission or Match Scoresheet Submission.

As a league organizer, you can update any score for any game/match at any time. Players can only update scores for games/matches of the team that they are assigned to. The match scoresheet also shows who the last person was to update the score so if there's a discrepancy you can easily find out who to talk to.

Scoreboard Submission

You can submit your scores directly from the scoreboard after each game is completed:

  1. From the scoreboard screen you'll see 'Submit Score' button in the top right - click that
  2. Find your current match from the selection menu
  3. Make sure your scores align with the correct team
  4. Select which game of the match you'd like to submit that score for
  5. Submit and that's it! You can return to the scoreboard for your next game.

Scoreboard submission is currently only available for the current week's matches. All other submissions will need to be made manually from the match scoresheet option below.

Match Scoresheet Submission

Manual score submission is possible from the match scoresheet pop up modal on either the player upcoming dashboard or the league schedule screen:

  1. Click on the match you'd like to update
  2. Enter your scores for the games you'd like to submit
  3. Click 'Update' and that's it!